Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Gil Kane

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Web of Spider-Man Annual #6 (1990)

Rating: 4/5

“Up From Slavery”

Writers: Gerry Conway & Stan Lee
Artists: Gil Kane & Sal Buscema & Mike Esposito & Alan Kupperberg

Psycho-Man tries to get Spider-Man’s Enigma energy, but can’t because Spidey lost it months ago. Spider-Man is put in a cage next to a bunch of other captives. They work together and break free. Spider-Man fights Psycho-Man and eventually shrinks Psycho-Man until he can’t see him anymore. Spider-Man grows back to normal size and goes home to MJ. The other captives shrink themselves so they can live in a universe that Psycho-Man shrank and captured.

“Salesday for a Shootout”

Writer: Gerry Conway
Artists: Ross Andru & Mike Esposito

Aunt May and MJ are shopping in a mall when terrorists break in and start shooting customers. Punisher arrives and shoots the terrorists. The lead terrorist opens her jacket to reveal a bomb. Aunt May fakes a heart attack as a distraction and Punisher takes the rest of the terrorists out.

“Eleven Angry Men…And One Angry Woman”

Writer: Peter David
Artists: June Brigman & Stan Drake

MJ is on a jury and the defendant’s story condemns Spider-Man as the criminal and all the jurors declare him not guilty except for MJ. It’s a hung jury, so the judge dismisses the case and the defendant settles for a plea bargain after he sees Spider-Man out the window.

“Star Child”

Writer: Tony Isabella
Artist: Steve Ditko

A yuppie couple draws a pentagram on their floor to summon demons that will make them rich. When the pentagram is broken and the demons get free and start terrorizing the town, the couple’s baby is endowed with the Uni-Power and stops the demons.

The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #24 (1990)

Rating: 4/5

“Quark Enterprises, or Honey, I Shrunk the Non-Mutant Super Hero”

Writer: David Michelinie
Artist: Gil Kane

Peter goes to a science convention. Ant-Man (Scott Lang) also goes to the convention. Ant-Man and Peter change into their costumes right near each other. Peter accidentally gets a whiff of Ant-Man’s shrinking gas and becomes ant sized. After a while of battling insect killers, Spider-Man gets Ant-Man’s attention. Ant-Man sprays Spider-Man with enlarging gas but it doesn’t do anything.

“The Mercy Bomb”

Writer: David Michelinie
Artist: Steve Ditko

Solo is going after a terrorist in Barcelona named Mendoza. He kills him.

“A Time to Choose”

Writers: Tom DeFalco & J.M. DeMatteis
Artist: Mike Zeck

Sandman watches a hockey game with Ben Grimm (The Thing) but is late because police give him trouble. Sandman doesn’t want to return to his life of crime. Wizard and Trapster break out of prison and have plans to reform the Frightful Four (which includes Sandman).

“Peter and MJ’s New Pad”

Writer: Dan Cuddy
Artist: Eliot Brown

Schematics for Peter and MJ’s new loft apartment.

“Amazing Fantasy”

Writer: Tony Isabella
Artist: Steve Ditko

Scott Lang (Ant-Man) is woken from sleep by a mind control command to put on his suit and shrink down. Some ants take him to the Scarlet Beetle who reveals that he wants to use Ant-Man’s helmet to control humans. He can only control one at a time for a short time at the moment. Scott escapes and wakes up back in his bed.

The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #10 (1976)

“Step Into My Parlor…”

Rating: 4/5

Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artist: Gil Kane

Spider-Man foils a hostage situation. Jameson hires yet another person to try and destroy Spider-Man. Similar to the creation of Scorpion, Jameson wants to create a superhero who can defeat Spider-Man. The scientist makes a Human Fly out of the kidnapper Spider-Man fought earlier. The nearly dead kidnapper threatens the scientist at gunpoint.

Human Fly kidnaps Jameson, wants a chance at defeating Spider-Man (revenge). Spider-Man beats the crap out of him and saves Jameson.

The Amazing Spider-Man #150 (1975)

“Spider-Man…or Spider-Clone?”

Rating: 3/5

Writer: Archie Goodwin
Artist: Gil Kane

Spider-Man goes to Dr. Connors to do tests to see if he is the Clone. He is attacked by Vulture, Sandman and the Kingpin, but these are just robots created by Dr. Spencer Smythe who attacks with a new Spider-Slayer. Spider-Man defeats him and proves to himself that he is not the Clone because, despite he and the clone having the same memories, he has feelings for Mary Jane which could only be based on shared experiences after the death of Gwen Stacy. Thus, he must be the real thing. Spider-Man decides to not read Dr. Connors’ lab report.

The Amazing Spider-Man #124 (1973)

“The Mark of the Man-Wolf!”

Rating: 4/5

Writer: Gerry Conway
Artist: Gil Kane

Spider-Man battles Jameson’s son John who has turned into the Man-Wolf

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