Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

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Spider-Man #23 (1992)

“Revenge of the Sinister Six: Part Six, Confrontation”

Rating: 4/5

Writer: Erik Larsen
Artist: Erik Larsen

Gog knocks out Ghost Rider and Hulk. Then the Fantastic Four show up. Then Nova and Solo show up. Then Deathlok shows up. Then Hulk and Ghost Rider wake up and they all get to fighting the bad guys. There’s lots of epic battling and eventually Sandman comes back as pieces of broken glass and nearly kills Doc Ock. Vulture and Hobgoblin get away. Sandman is turned back into his sandy self. MJ talks to the producers and decides not to take the part in the movie because they only wanted her for her body and not her acting abilities.

Web of Spider-Man #76 (1991)

“Art Attack, Part 4: Art’s Desire!”

Rating: 4/5

Writer: Tony Isabella
Artist: Alex Saviuk

The Avant Guard leaves and Spidey breaks out of his ice cube prison. The Human Torch stops by and they head for the Avant Guard headquarters via spider tracer. After a fight, Human Torch and Spidey beat Spark and Bora. Painter restores them but decides it’s too repetitive for his genius and traps them in a painting. Painter then proceeds to disgustingly explode into thousands of cockroaches. Human Torch gives the painting of the trapped Spark and Bora to Mr. Fantastic. The snow in the city melts.

Web of Spider-Man Annual #5 (1989)

“Atlantis Attacks, Chapter Eleven: War Zone: New York”

Rating: 4/5

Writer: Gerry Conway
Artist: Javier Salteres

Atlantis finally actually invades New York. They send a giant sea beast to destroy the city and Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four (plus Ms. Marvel) have to fight it. The Fantastic Four is all defeated by the beast, and Sue (Invisible Girl) actually gets kidnapped and marked as a bride for Set. Spider-Man eventually defeats the beast. The Atlantean troops get word that there was a nuclear explosion in the Atlantic Ocean and figure their allies have betrayed them and blown up Atlantis, so they stop their attack and retreat to the ocean.

In the next story, Peter’s professor, Evan Swann, is given the uni power and turned into Captain Universe because a being called the Quantum Mechanic threatens to destroy Earth because of something he perceives to be a flaw in our reality. Swann sends him packing and the uni power leaves him.

A short story about Peter as a kid going to get Aunt May medicine and getting ice cream with Flash and Liz. Kind of plays like a Dennis the Menace comic.

A story about Silver Sable’s past and how her father trained her and such.

On an Earth in another universe, Set has gained control of the U.S. Now he plans to breach over into our world and take it over as well.

The Amazing Spider-Man #300 (1988)


Rating: 5/5

Writer: David Michelinie
Artist: Todd McFarlane

Venom leaves and Spider-Man arrives home to a rattled Mary Jane. She tells him what happened and he suspects his old alien costume. Mary Jane says they need to move to a new apartment because she can’t stay here any longer after what happened and so they move to a condo at Bedford Towers. Spider-Man sees Venom swinging through the city and goes after him. They fight as Venom explains that he’s Eddie Brock, a reporter who wrote a story about who the Sin-Eater was, only for Spider-Man to reveal somebody else as the real Sin-Eater. He ruined Eddie’s career and Eddie sought solace in a church. Then, Spider-Man’s suit came down and bonded with Eddie. Their hatred for Spider-Man was equal. Venom webs Spider-Man to the inside of the bell of the very same church where it all happened. Spider-Man manages to break free and weakens Venom enough and knocks him out. He then takes him to the Fantastic Four building where The Thing puts Venom in a special chamber that keeps him docile. Mary Jane can’t stand Spidey’s black suit now and he burns it and puts on the old red and blue one.

The Amazing Spider-Man #008 (1964)

Rating: 3/5

Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Steve Ditko

“The Terrible Threat of the Living Brain!”

Spider-Man battles The Living Brain. Peter Parker fights Flash Thompson in a boxing match.

“Spider-Man Tackles the Torch!”

Spider-Man meets up with the Human Torch and the Fantastic Four and has a good natured wrassle with them.

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