Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Doctor Connors

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Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #127 (1987)

“Among Us Lurks…A Lizard!”

Rating: 4/5

Writer: Len Kaminsky
Artist: Alan Kupperberg

Owl kidnaps Dr. Connors’ wife and son to make him give him the formula to regrow limbs. Owl’s spine is injured and his legs don’t work. Dr. Connors’ transforms into the lizard again, but this time has control over him. He beats up (and nearly kills) street thugs to find out where his family is. Spider-Man helps him get his family back.

Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #03 (1981)

“Dark Side of the Moon!”

Rating: 2/5

Writer: David Kraft
Artists: Jim Sherman & Al Weiss

John Jameson (aka Man-Wolf) comes back with no idea where he went after he fell of the bridge at the hands of Spider-Man. Spider-Man and Dr. Connors use a new machine Dr. Connors is working on to make John’s body reject the moonstone that has latched onto his throat and forces him to turn into the Man Wolf. The procedure is a success, but there are many fights between Spider-Man and the Man Wolf. John Jameson no longer has to worry about becoming a violent beast!

Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #061 (1981)

“By the Light of the Silvery Moonstone!”

Rating: 3/5

Writer: Roger Stern
Artist: Ed Hannigan

A villain lady called Moonstone breaks into Doc Connors’ lab to steal the enervator. Spider-Man finds her and rips the enervator off her back and beats the crap out of her. Then the enervator explodes under a building that was about to be demolished anyway.

Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #032 (1979)

“A Zoo Story”

Rating: 3/5

Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artist: Jim Mooney

Peter gets a job assistant teaching with Dr. Connors. Connors has somehow inadvertently made an Iguana able to grow human size like The Lizard. At the zoo where the class is held, Peter changes into Spider-Man and fights the Iguana.

The Amazing Spider-Man #165 (1977)

“Stegron Stalks the City!”

Rating: 3/5

Writer: Len Wein
Artist: Ross Andru

Stegron kidnaps Curtis Connors, Dr. Connors son, so that Dr. Connors will create a weapon for him. Peter makes up with Mary Jane. J. Jonah Jameson hires Dr. Marla Madison to create the Spider-Slayer IV. Stegron battles Spider-Man using re-animated dinosaur skeletons. The Lizard re-appears.

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