Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Making sense of this Spider-Man world.


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The Spectacular Spider-Man #191 (1992)

“Eye of the Puma Part One: The Valley”

Rating: 2/5

Writer: J.M. DeMatteis
Artist: Sal Buscema

Puma and Spider-Man have strange visions of each other and are led to some desert. Jesse Black Crow is involved and having visions as well.

Web of Spider-Man #49 (1989)

“–Corner Business”

Rating: 2/5

Writer: Peter David
Artist: Val Mayerik

MJ’s model friend is addicted to drugs and MJ asks Peter to do something about her dealer. Spider-Man chasing the pusher around ends up getting the man killed by his superiors. MJ’s friend overdoses and lands in the hospital.

Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #122 (1987)

“Father’s Night Out”

Rating: 2/5

Writer: Peter David
Artists: Rich Buckler & Malcolm Davis

Peter finds a baby in an alley. The father, Brendan Doyle, comes around all mad, asking for him. Peter knocks him out and takes the baby to the hospital as Spider-Man. Brendan comes to the hospital in his Mauler suit to get his kid back. Spider-Man then fights him all throughout the hospital and Mauler ends up realizing he probably shouldn’t have the kid and sets him down and flies off.

Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #121 (1986)

“Eye Witness!”

Rating: 2/5

Writer: Peter David
Artist: John Romita

This issue is a rendition of the movie Roshomon. Peter, MJ, and Jameson were in a bank while it was being robbed and they all tell their very different versions of the story to Robbie Robertson. In MJs version, everybody thinks she’s the most beautiful woman ever. In Jameson’s, he’s a hero, praised by everyone, and Spider-Man is a criminal. Peter’s is much more down to Earth and upsets Jameson for making Spider-Man out to be a good guy.

Web of Spider-Man #19 (1986)


Rating: 2/5

Writer: David Michelinie
Artist: Marc Silvestri

A strange man with an obsession with insects creates a suit that amplifies the sounds that different insects make. He shoots the sounds from his fingertips and different ones have different effects. He tries to rob a bank. Spider-Man stops him. Jameson sends Peter and Joy to Europe to cover the hot topic of terrorism happening there for his Now magazine. Some terrorists plan to blow up the flight that Peter and Joy are supposed to get on in the morning.

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