Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Amazing Fantasy #15

001. “Spider-Man!” & “Spider-Man vs. The Chameleon!” (March)
002. “Duel to the Death with the Vulture!” & “The Uncanny Threat of the Terrible Tinkerer!” (May)
003. “Spider-Man Versus Doctor Octopus!” (July)
004. “Nothing Can Stop…The Sandman!” (September)
005. “Marked For Destruction by Doctor Doom!” (October)
006. “Face to Face with The Lizard!” (November)
007. “The Return of the Vulture” (December)

008. “The Terrible Threat of the Living Brain!” & “Spider-Man Tackles the Torch!” (January)
009. “The Man Called Electro!” (February)
010. “The Enforcers!” (March)
011. “Turning Point” (April)
012. “Unmasked by Doctor Octopus!” (May)
013. “The Menace of Mysterio!” (June)
014. “The Grotesque Adventure of the Green Goblin!” (July)
015. “Kraven the Hunter!” (August)
016. “Duel with Daredevil” (September)
017. “The Return of the Green Goblin” (October)
018. “The End of Spider-Man!” (November)
019. “Spidey Strikes Back!” (December)
Annual 01. “The Sinister Six!”

020. “The Coming of the Scorpion!” (January)
021. “Where Flies the Beetle…!” (February)
022. “The Clown and His Masters of Menace!” (March)
023. “The Goblin and the Gangsters” (April)
024. “Spider-Man Goes Mad” (May)
025. “Captured by J. Jonah Jameson” (June)
026. “The Man in the Crime Master’s Mask” (July)
027. “Bring Back My Goblin To Me!” (August)
028. “The Menace of the Molten Man!” (September)
029. “Never Step on a Scorpion!” (October)
030. “The Claws of the Cat!” (November)
031. “If This Be My Destiny…!” (December)
Annual 02. “The Wondrous World of Doctor Strange!”

032. “Man on a Rampage!” (January)
033. “The Final Chapter!” (February)
034. “The Thrill of the Hunt!” (March)
035. “The Molten Man Regrets…!” (April)
036. “When Falls the Meteor!” (May)
037. “Once Upon a Time There Was a Robot…!” (June)
038. “Just a Guy Named Joe!” (July)
039. “How Green Was My Goblin!” (August)
040. “Spidey Saves the Day!” (September)
041. “The Horns of the Rhino!” (October)
042. “The Birth of a Superhero!” (November)
043. “Rhino on a Rampage!” (December)
Annual 03. “…To Become an Avenger!” (November)

044. “Where Crawls the Lizard!” (January)
045. “Spidey Smashes Out!” (February)
046. “The Sinister Shocker!” (March)
047. “In the Hands of the Hunter!” (April)
048. “The Wings of the Vulture!” (May)
049. “From the Depths of Defeat!” (June)
050. “Spider-Man No More!” (July)
051. “In the Clutches of…The Kingpin!” (August)
052. “To Die a Hero!” (September)
053. “Enter: Dr. Octopus!” (October)
054. “The Tentacles and the Trap!” (November)
055. “Doc Ock Wins!” (December)
Annual 04. “The Web and the Flame!” (November)

056. “Disaster!” (January)
057. “The Coming of Ka-Zar!” (February)
058. “To Kill a Spider-Man!” (March)
059. “The Brand of the Brainwasher!” (April)
060. “O, Bitter Victory!” (May)
061. “What a Tangled Web We Weave–!” (June)
062. “Make Way For–Medusa!” (July)
063. “Wings in the Night!” (August)
064. “The Vulture’s Prey” (September)
065. “The Impossible Escape!” (October)
066. “The Madness of Mysterio!” (November)
067. “To Squash a Spider!” (December)
Annual 05. “The Parents of Peter Parker!” (November)

068. “Crisis on Campus!” (January)
069. “Mission: Crush the Kingpin!” (February)
070. “Spider-Man Wanted!” (March)
071. “The Speedster and the Spider!” (April)
072. “Rocked by the Shocker” (May)
073. “The Web Closes!” (June)
074. “If This Be Bedlam!” (July)
075. “Death Without Warning!” (August)
076. “The Lizard Lives!” (September)
077. “In the Blaze of Battle!” (October)
078. “The Night of the Prowler!” (November)
079. “To Prowl No More!” (December)
Annual 06. “The Sinister Six!” (November)

080. “On the Trail of…the Chameleon!” (January)
081. “The Coming of the Kangaroo!” (February)
082. “And Then Came Electro!” (March)
083. “The Schemer!” (April)
084. “The Kingpin Strikes Back!” (May)
085. “The Secret of the Schemer!” (June)
086. “If This Be Bedlam!” (July)
087. “Unmasked at Last!” (August)
088. “The Arms of Doctor Octopus!” (September)
089. “Doc Ock Lives!” (October)
090. “And Death Shall Come!” (November)
091. “To Smash a Spider” (December)
Annual 07. “Spidey vs. The Chameleon!” & “Duel to the Death with the Vulture!” & “Just a Guy Named Joe!” (December)

092. “When Iceman Attacks” (January)
093. “The Lady and — The Prowler!” (February)
094. “On the Wings of Death” (March)
095. “Trap for a Terrorist” (April)
096. “–And Now the Goblin!” (May)
097. “In the Grip of the Goblin!” (June)
098. “The Goblin’s Last Gasp!” (July)
099. “A Day in the Life of –!” (August)
100. “The Spider or the Man?” (September)
101. “A Monster Called…Morbius!!” (October)
102. “Vampire at Large!” (November)
103. “Walk the Savage Land!” (December)
Annual 08. “The Sinister Shocker!” (December)

104. “The Beauty and The Brute” (January)
105. “The Spider Slayer!” (February)
106. “Squash! Goes the Spider!” (March)
107. “Spidey Smashes Thru!” (April)
108. “Vengeance From Vietnam!” (May)
109. “Enter… Dr. Strange!” (June)
110. “The Birth of… The Gibbon!” (July)
111. “To Stalk a Spider!” (August)
112. “Spidey Cops Out!” (September)
113. “They Call the Doctor… Octopus!” (October)
114. “Hammerhead?” (November)
115. “The Last Battle!” (December)

116. “Suddenly… The Smasher!” (January)
117. “The Deadly Designs of the Disruptor!” (February)
118. “Countdown to Chaos!” (March)
119. “The Gentleman’s Name is… Hulk!” (April)
120. “The Fight and the Fury!” (May)
121. “The Night Gwen Stacy Died” (June)
122. “The Goblin’s Last Stand!” (July)
123. “…Just a Man Called… Cage!” (August)
124. “The Mark of the Man-Wolf!” (September)
125. “Wolfhunt!” (October)
126. “The Kangaroo Bounces Back!” (November)
127. “The Dark Wings of Death!” (December)
Annual 09. “The Goblin Lives!” (July)

128. “The Vulture Hangs High!” (January)
129. “The Punisher Strikes Twice!” (February)
130. “Betrayed!” (March)
131. “My Uncle…My Enemy” (April)
132. “The Master Plan of the Molten Man!” (May)
133. “The Molten Man Breaks Out!” (June)
134. “Danger Is A Man Named… Tarantula!” (July)
135. “Shoot-Out in Central Park!” (August)
136. “The Green Goblin Lives Again!” (September)
137. “The Green Goblin Strikes!” (October)
138. “Madness Means…The Mindworm!” (November)
139. “Day of the Grizzly!” (December)

140. “…And One Will Fall!” (January)
141. “The Man’s Name Appears to be…Mysterio!” (February)
142. “Dead Man’s Bluff!” (March)
143. “…And the Wind Cries: Cyclone!” (April)
144. “The Delusion Conspiracy” (May)
145. “Gwen Stacy is alive…and, Well…?!” (June)
146. “Scorpion…Where is Thy Sting?” (July)
147. “The Tarantula is a Very Deadly Beast!” (August)
148. “Jackal, Jackal…Who’s Got the Jackal?” (September)
149. “Even If I Live, I Die!” (October)
150. “Spider-Man…or Spider-Clone?” (November)
151. “Skirmish Beneath the Streets!” (December)

152. “Shattered by the Shocker!” (January)
153. “The Longest Hundred Yards!” (February)
154. “The Sandman Always Strikes Twice!” (March)
155. “Whodunit!” (April)
156. “On a Clear Day You Can See…The Mirage!” (May)
157. “The Ghost That Haunted Octopus!” (June)
158. “Hammerhead is Out!” (July)
159. “Arm-in-Arm-in-Arm-in-Arm-in-Arm-in-Arm with Doctor Octopus” (August)
160. “My Killer, the Car!” (September)
161. “…And the Nightcrawler Came Prowling, Prowling” (October)
162. “Let the Punisher Fit the Crime!” (November)
163. “All the Kingpin’s Men!” (December)
Annual 10. “Step Into My Parlor…” (November)

164. “Deadline!” (January)
165. “Stegron Stalks the City!” (February)
166. “War of the Reptile-Men!” (March)
167. “…Stalked by the Spider-Slayer!” (April)
168. “Murder on the Wind!” (May)
169. “Confrontation” (June)
170. “Madness is All in the Wind!” (July)
171. “Photon is Another Name For…” (August)
172. “The Fiend From the Fire!” (September)
173. “If You Can’t Stand the Heat…!” (October)
174. “The Hitman’s Back in Town!” (November)
175. “Big Apple Battleground!” (December)
Annual 11. “Spawn of the Spider” (August)

176. “He Who Laughs Last…!” (January)
177. “Goblin in the Middle” (February)
178. “Green Grows the Goblin!” (March)
179. “The Goblin’s Always Greener…!” (April)
180. “Who Was That Goblin I Saw You With?” (May)
181. “Flashback!” (June)
182. “The Rocket Racer’s Back in Town!” (July)
183. “…And Where the Big Wheel Stops, Nobody Knows!” (August)
184. “White Dragon! Red Death!” (September)
185. “Spider, Spider, Burning Bright!” (October)
186. “Chaos is–The Chameleon!” (November)
187. “The Power of Electro!” (December)
Annual 12. “The Gentleman’s Name is Hulk” (December)

188. “The Jigsaw Is Up!” (January)
189. “Mayhem by Moonlight!” (February)
190. “In Search of the Man-Wolf!” (March)
191. “Wanted For Murder: Spider-Man!” (April)
192. “24 Hours Till Doomsday!” (May)
193. “The Wings of the Fearsome Fly!” (June)
194. “Never Let the Black Cat Cross Your Path!” (July)
195. “Nine Lives Has the Black Cat!” (August)
196. “Requiem!” (September)
197. “The Kingpin’s Midnight Massacre!” (October)
198. “Mysterio is Deadlier by the Dozen!” (November)
199. “Now You See Me! Now You Die!” (December)
Annual 13. “The Arms of Doctor Octopus” (December)

200. “The Spider and the Burglar…A Sequel” (January)
201. “Man-Hunt!” (February)
202. “One For Those Long Gone!” (March)
203. “Bewitched, Bothered and Be-Dazzled!” (April)
204. “The Black Cat Always Lands On Her Feet!” (May)
205. “…In Love and War!” (June)
206. “A Method In His Madness!” (July)
207. “Mesmero’s Revenge!” (August)
208. “Fusion!” (September)
209. “To Salvage My Honor!” (October)
210. “The Prophecy of Madame Web!” (November)
211. “The Spider and the Sea Scourge!” (December)
Annual 14. “Bend Sinister” (October)

212. “The Coming of Hydro-Man!” (January)
213. “All They Want to Do is Kill You, Spider-Man…” (February)
214. “Then Shall We Both Be Betrayed!” (March)
215. “By My Powers Shall I Be Vanquished!” (April)
216. “Marathon” (May)
217. “Here’s Mud in Your Eye!” (June)
218. “Eye of the Beholder!” (July)
219. “Peter Parker–Criminal!” (August)
220. “A Coffin For Spider-Man!” (September)
221. “Blues For Lonesome Pinky!” (October)
222. “Faster Than the Eye!” (November)
223. “Night of the Ape!” (December)
Annual 15. “Spider-Man: Threat or Menace?” (September)

224. “Let Fly These Aged Wings!” (January)
225. “Fools…Like Us!” (February)
226. “But the Cat Came Back…” (March)
227. “Goin’ Straight!” (April)
228. “Murder by Spider” (May)
229. “Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut!” (June)
230. “To Fight the Unbeatable Foe!” (July)
231. “Caught in the Act…” (August)
232. “Hyde…In Plain Sight!” (September)
233. “Where the @¢%# is Nose Norton?” (October)
234. “Now Shall Will o’ the Wisp Have His Revenge!” (November)
235. “Look Out There’s a Monster Coming!” (December)
Annual 16. “Who’s That Lady?” (December)

236. “Death Knell” (January)
237. “High & Mighty!” (February)
238. “Shadow of Evils Past!” (March)
239. “Now Strikes the Hobgoblin!” (April)
240. “Wings of Vengeance!” (May)
241. “In the Beginning…” (June)
242. “Confrontations!” (July)
243. “Options!” (August)
244. “Ordeals!” (September)
245. “Sacrifice Play!” (October)
246. “The Daydreamers!” (November)
247. “Interruptions” (December)
Annual 17. “Heroes and Villains” (December)

248. “And He Strikes Like a Thunderball” & “The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man” (January)
249. “Secrets!” (February)
250. “Confessions!” (March)
251. “Endings!” (April)
252. “Homecoming!” (May)
253. “By Myself Betrayed!” (June)
254. “With Great Power…” (July)
255. “Even a Ghost Can Fear the Night!” (August)
256. “Introducing…Puma!” (September)
257. “Beware the Claws of Puma!” (October)
258. “The Sinister Secret of Spider-Man’s New Costume!” (November)
259. “All My Pasts Remembered!” (December)
Annual 18. “The Scorpion Takes a Bride!” (December)

260. “The Challenge of Hobgoblin!” (January)
261. “The Sins of My Father!” (February)
262. “Trade Secret!” (March)
263. “The Spectacular Spider-Kid!” (April)
264. “Red 9 and Red Tape!” (May)
265. “After the Fox!” (June)
266. “Jump For My Love or Spring is in the Air” (July)
267. “The Commuter Cometh!” (August)
268. “This Gold is Mine!” (September)
269. “Burn, Spider, Burn!” (October)
270. “The Hero and the Holocaust!” (November)
271. “Whatever Happened to Crusher Hogan?” (December)
Annual 19. “Fun ‘n’ Games” (November)

272. “Make Way For Slyde!” (January)
273. “To Challenge the Beyonder!” (February)
274. “Lo, There Shall Come a Champion!” (March)
275. “The Choice and the Challenge!” (April)
276. “Unmasked!” (May)
277. “The Rules of the Game” & “Cry of the Wendigo” (June)
278. “If This Be Justice–“ (July)
279. “Savage is the Sable!” (August)
280. “Introducing the Sinister Syndicate!” (September)
281. “When Warriors Clash–!” (October)
282. “The Fury of X-Factor!” (November)
283. “With Foes Like These…” (December)
Annual 20. “Man of the Year” (November)

284. “Gang War, Part One: …And Who Shall Stand Against Them…?” (January)
285. “Gang War, Part Two: The Arranger Must Die!” (February)
286. “Gang War, Part Three: Thy Father’s Son!” (March)
287. “Gang War, Part Four: …And There Shall Come a Reckoning” (April)
288. “Gang War, Part Five: Gang War Rages On!” (May)
289. “The Hobgoblin Revealed!” (June)
290. “The Big Question” (July)
291. “Dark Journey!” (August)
292. “Growing Pains!” (September)
293. “Kraven’s Last Hunt, Part 2: Crawling” (October)
294. “Kraven’s Last Hunt, Part 5: Thunder” (November)
295. “Mad Dog Ward, Part 2: Mad Dogs” (December)
Annual 21. “The Wedding” (September)

296. “Force of Arms” (January)
297. “I’ll Take Manhattan!” (February)
298. “Chance Encounter!” (March)
299. “Survival of the Hittist!” (April)
300. “Venom” (May)
301. “The Sable Gauntlet!” (June)
302. “(Mid) American Gothic!” (July)
303. “Dock Savage” (August)
304. “California Schemin’!” (Early September)
305. “Westward Woe!” (Late September)
306. “Humbugged!” (Early October)
307. “The Thief Who Stole Himself!” (Late October)
308. “Dread” (Early November)
309. “Styx and Stone” (Late November)
310. “Shrike Force!” (December)
Annual 22. “Drug War Rages” (September)

311. “Inferno: Mysteries of the Dead!” (January)
312. “Inferno: The Goblin War!” (February)
313. “Inferno: Slithereens” (March)
314. “Down and Out in Forest Hills” (April)
315. “A Matter of Life and Debt” (May)
316. “Dead Meat” (June)
317. “The Sand and the Fury!” (July)
318. “Sting Your Partner!” (August)
319. “The Scorpion’s Tail of Woe!” (Early September)
Annual 23. “Atlantis Attacks, Chapter Four: Abominations!” (September)
320. “The Assassin Nation Plot, Part One: License Invoked!” (Late September)
321. “The Assassin Nation Plot, Part Two: Under War!” (Early October)
322. “The Assassin Nation Plot, Part Three: Ceremony” (Late October)
323. “The Assassin Nation Plot, Part Four: Assault Rivals” (Early November)
324. “The Assassin Nation Plot, Part Five: Twos Day” (Mid November)
325. “The Assassin Nation Plot, Part Six: Finale in Red!” (Late November)
326. “Acts of Vengeance: Gravity Storm” (December)
327. “Acts of Vengeance: Cunning Attractions!” (Mid December)

328. “Acts of Vengeance: Shaw’s Gambit” (January)
329. “Acts of Vengeance: Power Prey” (February)
330. “The Powder Chase” (March)
331. “The Death Standard” (April)
332. “Sunday in the Park with Venom!” (May)
333. “Stalking Feat!” (June)
334. “Return of the Sinister Six, Part One: Secrets, Puzzles and Little Fears…” (Early July)
335. “Return of the Sinister Six, Part Two: Shocks” (Late July)
336. “Return of the Sinister Six, Part Three: The Wagers of Sin” (Early August)
337. “Return of the Sinister Six, Part Four: Rites and Wrongs” (Late August)
338. “Return of the Sinister Six, Part Five: Death From Above” (Early September)
339. “Return of the Sinister Six, Part Six: The Killing Cure” (Late September)
Annual 24. “Quark Enterprises, or Honey, I Shrunk the Non-Mutant Super Hero” & “The Mercy Bomb” & “A Time to Choose” & “Peter and MJ’s New Pad” & “Amazing Fantasy” (August)
340. “The Hero Subtractor” (October)
341. “With(out) Great Power…” (November)
342. “The Jonah Trade!” (December)

343. “War Garden” (January)
344. “Hearts and Powers” (February)
345. “Gun From the Heart” (March)
346. “Elliptical Pursuit!” (April)
347. “The Boneyard Hop!” (May)
348. “Righteous Sand!” (June)
349. “Man of Steal!” (July)
350. “Doom Service!” (August)
Annual 25. “The Vibranium Vendetta, Part 1: The Spider and the Ghost” & “The Origin of the Amazing Spider-Man” & “Outlaw Justice Part One” & “Truckstop of Doom” & “Second Chance” (September)
351. “The Three Faces of Evil!” (September)
352. “Death Walk!” (October)
353. “Round Robin: The Sidekick’s Revenge! Part One: When Midnight Strikes!” (Early November)
354. “Round Robin: The Sidekick’s Revenge! Part Two: Wilde at Heart!” (Late November)
355. “Round Robin: The Sidekick’s Revenge! Part Three: Total Eclipse of the Moon…Knight!” (Early December)
356. “Round Robin: The Sidekick’s Revenge! Part Four: After Midnight!” (Late December)

357. “Round Robin: The Sidekick’s Revenge! Part Five: A Bagel With Nova!” (Early January)

358. “Round Robin: The Sidekick’s Revenge! Part Six: Out on a Limb” (Late January)
359. “Toy Death!” (February)
360. “Death Toy!” (March)

361. “Carnage Part One: Savage Genesis!” (April)

362. “Carnage Part Two: Savage Alliance!” (May)

363. “Carnage, The Conclusion: Savage Grace!” (June)
364. “The Pain of Fast Air” (July)

365. “Fathers and Sins” & “How I Created Spider-Man” & “I Remember Gwen” & “A Friend in Need” (August)

366. “Skullwork!” (September)

367. “Skullduggery” (October)

Annual 26. “The Hero Killers Part 1: Fortune and Steel” & “First Kill! Part One” & “The Wronged Man” & “Making the Grade” & “Evil’s Light Part One: Now Strikes the Lightmaster” (June)
368. “Invasion of the Spider-Slayers, Part One: On Razored Wings” & “Cashing In” (Early November)

369. “Invasion of the Spider-Slayers, Part 2: Electric Doom” & “more bad news” (Late November)

370. “Invasion of the Spider-Slayers, Pt. 3: Life Stings!” & “The Web” (Early December)

371. “Invasion of the Spider-Slayers, Part 4: One Clue Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” & “Strained Relations” (Late December)

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