Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

1975 (ASM 140-151)

Grade: B (85%), great year. Jackal, Jackal, Jackal!

140. “…And One Will Fall!” (January)
141. “The Man’s Name Appears to be…Mysterio!” (February)
142. “Dead Man’s Bluff!” (March)
143. “…And the Wind Cries: Cyclone!” (April)
144. “The Delusion Conspiracy” (May)
145. “Gwen Stacy is alive…and, Well…?!” (June)
146. “Scorpion…Where is Thy Sting?” (July)
147. “The Tarantula is a Very Deadly Beast!” (August)
148. “Jackal, Jackal…Who’s Got the Jackal?” (September)
149. “Even If I Live, I Die!” (October)
150. “Spider-Man…or Spider-Clone?” (November)
151. “Skirmish Beneath the Streets!” (December)



– Eric Toribio, Reviewer of Spider-Man Comics

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