Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

1989 (ASM 311-327, SSM 146-159, WoS 46-59)

Grade: B (82%), pretty great year. Lots of quality.

WoS 046. “The Power of…Hate!” (January)
ASM 311. “Inferno: Mysteries of the Dead!” (January)
SSM 146. “Inferno: Demon Night” (January)
WoS 047. “Inferno: The Face in the Mirror” (February)
ASM 312. “Inferno: The Goblin War!” (February)
SSM 147. “Inferno: When the Bugle Blows” (February)
WoS 048. “Inferno: Eyes of the Demon” (March)
ASM 313. “Inferno: Slithereens” (March)
SSM 148. “Inferno: Night of the Living Ned!” (March)
WoS 049. “–Corner Business” (April)
ASM 314. “Down and Out in Forest Hills” (April)
SSM 149. “What About Carrion?!” (April)
ASM 315. “A Matter of Life and Debt” (May)
ASM 316. “Dead Meat” (June)
ASM 317. “The Sand and the Fury!” (July)
WoS 050. “1,000 Words” (May)
SSM 150. “Guilty!” (May)
WoS 051. “The Crimelord of New York!” (June)
ASM 318. “Sting Your Partner!” (August)
ASM 319. “The Scorpion’s Tail of Woe!” (Early September)
SSM 151. “Lock-Up” (June)
SSM 152. “A Wolf’s Tale…” (July)
WoS 052. “Chains” (July)
WoS 053. “Wolves in the Night” (August)
SSM 153. “Siege” (August)
WoS 054. “The Wolves of War” (September)
SSM 154. “Claws” (September)
WoS 055. “Showdown” (October)
ASM Annual 23. “Atlantis Attacks, Chapter Four: Abominations!” (September)
SSM Annual 09. “Atlantis Attacks, Chapter Six: The Serpent in the Shadow” (September)
WoS Annual 05. “Atlantis Attacks, Chapter Eleven: War Zone: New York” (November)
ASM 320. “The Assassin Nation Plot, Part One: License Invoked!” (Late September)
ASM 321. “The Assassin Nation Plot, Part Two: Under War!” (Early October)
ASM 322. “The Assassin Nation Plot, Part Three: Ceremony” (Late October)
ASM 323. “The Assassin Nation Plot, Part Four: Assault Rivals” (Early November)
ASM 324. “The Assassin Nation Plot, Part Five: Twos Day” (Mid November)
ASM 325. “The Assassin Nation Plot, Part Six: Finale in Red!” (Late November)
SSM 155. “Crash Out!” (October)
SSM 156. “The Search for Robbie Robertson” (November)
WoS 056. “Skin-Deep” (November)
WoS 057. “Flesh and Blood” (Mid November)
SSM 157. “Shakedown” (Mid November)
WoS 058. “Rematch” (December)
ASM 326. “Acts of Vengeance: Gravity Storm” (December)
SSM 158. “Acts of Vengeance: The Paste and the Power (or a Very Sticky Situation)” (December)
WoS 059. “Acts of Vengeance: With Great Power” (Mid December)
ASM 327. “Acts of Vengeance: Cunning Attractions!” (Mid December)
SSM 159. “Acts of Vengeance: These Scattered Senses (or a Tale of the Brothers Grimm)” (Mid December)



– Eric Toribio, Reviewer of Spider-Man Comics

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