Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

1988 (ASM 134-310, TSS 134-145, WoS 34-45)

Grade: B (80%), pretty great year. Lots of quality.

TSS 134. “Sin-Eater Released, Part 1: Sin-cere” (January)
TSS 135. “Sin-Eater Released, Part 2: Sin-thesis” (February)
TSS 136. “Sin-Eater Released, Part 3: Sin-ister” (March)
034. “Fourth and Eternity” (January)
035. “You Can Go Home Again!” (February)
036. “Phreak Out!” (March)
ASM 296. “Force of Arms” (January)
ASM 297. “I’ll Take Manhattan!” (February)
TSS 137. “Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide!” (April)
TSS 138. “Night of the Flag!” (May)
WoS 037. “When Strikes the Slasher!” (April)
WoS 038. “Moving Up” (May)
ASM 298. “Chance Encounter!” (March)
ASM 299. “Survival of the Hittist!” (April)
ASM 300. “Venom” (May)
WoS 039. “Petty Crimes” (June)
ASM 301. “The Sable Gauntlet!” (June)
ASM 302. “(Mid) American Gothic!” (July)
ASM 303. “Dock Savage” (August)
ASM 304. “California Schemin’!” (Early September)
ASM 305. “Westward Woe!” (Late September)
TSS 139. “Grave Memory” (June)
TSS 140. “Kill Zone” (July)
TSS 141. “The Tombstone Testament!” (August)
TSS 142. “Will” (September)
ASM 306. “Humbugged!” (Early October)
ASM 307. “The Thief Who Stole Himself!” (Late October)
ASM 308. “Dread” (Early November)
ASM 309. “Styx and Stone” (Late November)
TSS 143. “Deadline in Dallas” (October)
WoS 040. “Cult of Love, Part 1: All You Need is Love” (July)
WoS 041. “Cult of Love, Part 2: That Old-Time Religion” (August)
WoS 042. “Cult of Love, Part 3: Pressure” (September)
WoS 043. “Cult of Love, Part 4: Autodafe, or…Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition” (October)
TSS 144. “An Ill Wind” (November)
TSS 145. “The Boomerang Return” (December)
WoS 044. “Reunion” (November)
WoS 045. “Death From Above!” (December)
ASM 310. “Shrike Force!” (December)
ASM Annual 22. “Drug War Rages” (September)
WoS Annual 04. “Sweet Poison!” (October)
TSS Annual 08. “Return to Sender” (November)



– Eric Toribio, Reviewer of Spider-Man Comics

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