Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

1974 (ASM 128-139)

Grade: C- (73%), average year for the most part. A few really great issues, though.

128. “The Vulture Hangs High!” (January)
129. “The Punisher Strikes Twice!” (February)
130. “Betrayed!” (March)
131. “My Uncle…My Enemy” (April)
132. “The Master Plan of the Molten Man!” (May)
133. “The Molten Man Breaks Out!” (June)
134. “Danger Is A Man Named… Tarantula!” (July)
135. “Shoot-Out in Central Park!” (August)
136. “The Green Goblin Lives Again!” (September)
137. “The Green Goblin Strikes!” (October)
138. “Madness Means…The Mindworm!” (November)
139. “Day of the Grizzly!” (December)



– Eric Toribio, Reviewer of Spider-Man Comics

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