Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

1987 (ASM 284-295, PPTSS 122-133, WoS 22-33)

Grade: B (82%), pretty great year. Lots of quality.

WoS 022. “Profit of Doom” (January)
WoS 023. “Slip Slydin’ Away!” (February)
WoS 024. “High $take$” (March)
PPTSS 122. “Father’s Night Out” (January)
WoS 025. “Beware the Stalker From the Stars!” (April)
WoS 026. “Nothing to Fear…” (May)
WoS 027. “Scared to Succeed!” (June)
WoS 028. “Torch Bearing” (July)
ASM 284. “Gang War, Part One: …And Who Shall Stand Against Them…?” (January)
ASM 285. “Gang War, Part Two: The Arranger Must Die!” (February)
ASM 286. “Gang War, Part Three: Thy Father’s Son!” (March)
ASM 287. “Gang War, Part Four: …And There Shall Come a Reckoning” (April)
PPTSS 123. “With Friends Like These…” (February)
ASM 288. “Gang War, Part Five: Gang War Rages On!” (May)
PPTSS 124. “When Strikes the Octopus!!” (March)
PPTSS 125. “Wrecking Havoc!” (April)
PPTSS 126. “…Sudden Impact” (May)
PPTSS 127. “Among Us Lurks…A Lizard!” (June)
PPTSS 130. “24 hours” (September)
ASM 289. “The Hobgoblin Revealed!” (June)
WoS 029. “Mask” (August)
WoS 030. “The Wages of Sin” (September)
PPTSS 128. “Spider Hunt” (July)
PPTSS 129. “Foreign Affairs” (August)
ASM 290. “The Big Question” (July)
ASM 291. “Dark Journey!” (August)
ASM 292. “Growing Pains!” (September)
ASM Annual 21. “The Wedding” (September)
PPTSS Annual 07. “The Honeymoon” (November)
WoS 031. “Kraven’s Last Hunt, Part 1: The Coffin” (October)
ASM 293. “Kraven’s Last Hunt, Part 2: Crawling” (October)
PPTSS 131. “Kraven’s Last Hunt, Part 3: Descent” (October)
WoS 032. “Kraven’s Last Hunt, Part 4: Resurrection” (November)
ASM 294. “Kraven’s Last Hunt, Part 5: Thunder” (November)
PPTSS 132. “Kraven’s Last Hunt, Part 6: Ascending” (November)
WoS 033. “Mad Dog Ward, Part 1: what’s the matter with mommy?” (December)
ASM 295. “Mad Dog Ward, Part 2: Mad Dogs” (December)
PPTSS 133. “Mad Dog Ward, Part 3: I Am Spider” (December)
WoS Annual 03. “Everything You Wanted to Know About Spider-Man” (October)



– Eric Toribio, Reviewer of Spider-Man Comics

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