Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

1986 (ASM 272-283, PPTSS 110-121, WoS 10-21)

Grade: C (78%), pretty good year. Mostly above average.

PPTSS 110. “The Death of Jean DeWolff, Conclusion: All My Sins Remembered” (January)
WoS 010. “There, But For Fortune!” (January)
WoS 011. “Have You Seen…That Vigilante Man!” (February)
WoS 012. “Law and Order” (March)
WoS 013. “Point of View” (April)
ASM 272. “Make Way For Slyde!” (January)
ASM 273. “To Challenge the Beyonder!” (February)
PPTSS 111. “…And Then the Gods Cried.” (February)
ASM 274. “Lo, There Shall Come a Champion!” (March)
ASM 275. “The Choice and the Challenge!” (April)
ASM 276. “Unmasked!” (May)
PPTSS 112. “you never make a sound” (March)
PPTSS 113. “Mayhem!” (April)
PPTSS 114. “The Key” (May)
WoS 014. “All That Glitters…” (May)
WoS 015. “Fox Hunt” (June)
ASM 277. “The Rules of the Game” & “Cry of the Wendigo” (June)
ASM 278. “If This Be Justice–“ (July)
PPTSS 115. “Things Fall Apart” (June)
PPTSS 116. “102 Uses For a Dead Cat” (July)
PPTSS 117. “Dinner Hour” (August)
ASM 279. “Savage is the Sable!” (August)
WoS 016. “Underworld!” (July)
WoS 017. “The Magma Solution!” (August)
WoS 018. “The Longest Road!” (September)
WoS 019. “Humbug!” (October)
WoS 020. “Little Wars!” (November)
WoS 021. “The Enemy Unknown!” (December)
ASM 280. “Introducing the Sinister Syndicate!” (September)
ASM 281. “When Warriors Clash–!” (October)
ASM 282. “The Fury of X-Factor!” (November)
PPTSS 118. “Ashes to Ashes” (September)
PPTSS 119. “Catfight!” (October)
PPTSS 120. “A House is Not a Home” (November)
PPTSS 121. “Eye Witness!” (December)
ASM 283. “With Foes Like These…” (December)
ASM Annual 20. “Man of the Year” (November)
PPTSS Annual 06. “Ace II” (October)
WoS Annual 02. “Wake Me Up I Gotta Be Dreaming!” & “You’re Lying, Peter Parker!” (September)



– Eric Toribio, Reviewer of Spider-Man Comics

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