Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

1985 (ASM 260-271, PPTSS 98-109, WOS 1-9)

Grade: C (77%), pretty great year. More than made up for the downs with the ups.

ASM 260. “The Challenge of Hobgoblin!” (January)
ASM 261. “The Sins of My Father!” (February)
ASM 262. “Trade Secret!” (March)
PPTSS 098. “True Confessions!” (January)
PPTSS 099. “Spider on the Spot!” (February)
ASM 263. “The Spectacular Spider-Kid!” (April)
ASM 264. “Red 9 and Red Tape!” (May)
PPTSS 100. “Breakin!” (March)
WoS 001. “‘Til Death Do Us Part!” (April)
PPTSS 101. “Echoes…” (April)
WoS 002. “Treasures!” (May)
WoS 003. “Iron Bars Do Not a Prison Make…or Vulture is as Vulture Dies!” (June)
ASM 265. “After the Fox!” (June)
ASM 266. “Jump For My Love or Spring is in the Air” (July)
PPTSS 102. “A Life For a Life!” (May)
PPTSS 103. “Compulsion!” (June)
WoS 004. “Arms and the Man!” (July)
PPTSS 104. “The Last Race” (July)
WoS 005. “The Enemy Within!” (August)
ASM 267. “The Commuter Cometh!” (August)
PPTSS 105. “United We Fall” (August)
PPTSS 106. “No Fury” (September)
WoS 006. “Gold Rush!” (September)
ASM 268. “This Gold is Mine!” (September)
ASM 269. “Burn, Spider, Burn!” (October)
ASM 270. “The Hero and the Holocaust!” (November)
WoS 007. “Welcome…” (October)
ASM 271. “Whatever Happened to Crusher Hogan?” (December)
WoS 008. “Local Super Hero!” (November)
WoS 009. “The Twilight Heroes” (December)
PPTSS 107. “The Death of Jean DeWolff, Part One: Original Sin” (October)
PPTSS 108. “The Death of Jean DeWolff, Part Two: Sin of Pride” (November)
PPTSS 109. “The Death of Jean DeWolff, Part Three: He Who is Without Sin” (December)
ASM Annual 19. “Fun ‘n’ Games” (November)
PPTSS Annual 05. “Ace!” (October)



– Eric Toribio, Reviewer of Spider-Man Comics

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