Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Web of Spider-Man #93 (1992)

“Hobgoblin Reborn Part One: The Test”

Rating: 4/5

Writer: Howard Mackie
Artist: Alex Saviuk

Macendale (out of his Hobgoblin garb) tests his combat abilities on some of Foreigner’s men to prove that he still has what it takes. Foreigner says he owes him a great deal of money and says the debt is paid if he kills Moon Knight and Nick Katzenberg. Foreigner then tells Spider-Man about this to test Hobgoblin’s mettle. Spider-Man interrupts Hobgoblin’s attack on Moon Knight and once Hobgoblin thinks he’s killed MK, he flies off for Katzenberg. Spidey and MK go after him. Demogoblin sits in a high tech jail cell and calls forth Spidey’s Doppelganger.

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