Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #12 (1992)

“The Hero Killers, Part 2: Down and Downer” & “First Kill! Part Two” & “Sons of the Tiger” & “Ten Most Embarrassing Moments” & “Evil’s Light Part 2: The Hunt Begins”

Rating: 4/5

“The Hero Killers, Part 2: Down and Downer”

Writer: David Michelinie
Artist: Scott McDaniel

Spidey aren’t doing so well against the Dreadnoughts until Night Thrasher, Silhouette, and Firestar show up and help. Spidey realizes the Dreads are being controlled and finds the humans behind them and takes them out. Then the gang finds out where the Speedball and other kidnapped heroes are being held and go there. They fight some security systems, but they all get pulled underground, which is the company’s plan. Inside, they all face different villains in their different areas of the compound. Nova and Namorita are up against Discus, Speed Demon, and Beetle. Firestar is up against Hydro-Man and Constrictor. Night Thrasher is up against Boomerang and Backlash. And Spider-Man and Silhouette are up against Rhino, Bombshell, and Stiletto.

“First Kill! Part Two”

Writer: David Michelinie
Artist: Aaron Lopresti

Venom knocks out the police officers and goes to find his neighbor friend’s son Pablo, who was kidnapped by the same people who stole his invention. Venom finds the place and takes out some guards before finding Pablo, who shoots at him. Another guard dumps some molten metal after him that cause the symbiote to leap off his body in terror.

“Sons of the Tiger”

Writer: Glenn Herdling
Artist: Tod Smith

The Prowler and his brother Abe help defend some homeless people against the White Dragon and his gang.

“Ten Most Embarrassing Moments”

Writers: Tom Brevoort & Mike Kanterovich
Artist: Aaron Lopresti

Spider-Man recounts his most embarrassing moments. Not being able to cash a check as Spidey, wearing the Halloween costume for a suit, the Spider-Mobile, revealing his identity to his friends, growing four extra arms, washing his Spidey duds in a laundromat with a paper bag on his head, losing to Stiltman..twice, nobody believed he was Spidey when Doc Ock unmasked him in issue 12, and Aunt May knocking him out with a vase.

“Evil’s Light Part 2: The Hunt Begins”

Writer: Eric Fein
Artist: Vince Evans

Lightmaster siphons Dagger’s most of Dagger’s light. She makes an attempt to free herself but fails. Cloak finds them and shoots Lightmaster, but it only makes him stronger.

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