Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

The Spectacular Spider-Man #169 (1990)

“The Outlaw Trail”

Rating: 3/5

Writer: Gerry Conway
Artist: Sal Buscema

Spider-Man assembles Puma, Prowler, Rocket Racer, and Sandman to retrieve info about the building the black cloud came out of. Puma and Prowler find info in the office of Kingpin, Racer and Sandman find info in the Building Department office in City Hall. But as they’re leaving, Sandman attacks Racer for the file. Racer bolts and Sandman turns into The Space Phantom. Spider-Man finds the black cloud at the zoo, eating monkeys. The Avengers show up and save him from it. Spidey still thinks She-Hulk is lying and leaves. When he meets back up with his team, Racer and Sandman are squabbling about the attack. Sandman says he was never there. Spidey realizes that he’s probably telling the truth, and She-Hulk was probably telling the truth as well. Kristy (MJ’s cousin) sees MJ with Jason as he kisses her. MJ runs away.

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