Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Web of Spider-Man #65 (1990)

“The Last Act of Vengeance”

Rating: 4/5

Writer: Gerry Conway
Artist: Alex Saviuk

As Spider-Man floats ever upward, some airplanes pass by him and he latches onto one. When it lands, the gravity effects have worn off and he swings back into the city. When the Acts of Vengeance crew gets to Chameleon’s lair to collect their money, they find it destroyed and only a note suggesting Kingpin and him schemed together to con them. They go to collect from Kingpin and it turns out he doesn’t know anything about it. Spider-Man comes by and takes them all down. Graviton floating the Daily Bugle and setting it down destroyed it almost entirely. MJ, while babysitting little Norman Osborn, finds a closet with the Green Goblin suit and gizmos and grows concerned about Harry.

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