Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

The Amazing Spider-Man #323 (1989)

“The Assassin Nation Plot, Part Four: Assault Rivals”

Rating: 5/5

Writer: David Michelinie
Artist: Todd McFarlane

The Symkarian people hate the American ambassador due to the possible American involvement in the assassination attempt. Captain America comes to Symkaria to help make things right. He assures Silver Sable that America wasn’t involved and gives a lead to where the Ultimatum group is. Ultimatum is the terrorist group responsible for the attack. Sable, Captain America, and Spider-Man go there and fight through hordes of baddies to reach the compound. There they find Solo, a one man war on terror, and the Ultimatum leader, Toler Weil, gets away. They recover data from a computer saying Sabretooth was responsible for killing the Prime Minister. They decide to split up and go after Weil and Sabretooth. The U.S. and Symkaria inch closer to war as death threats are made against the U.S. ambassador.

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