Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

The Amazing Spider-Man #321 (1989)

“The Assassin Nation Plot, Part Two: Under War!”

Rating: 4/5

Writer: David Michelinie
Artist: Todd McFarlane

Peter finds out from Aunt May that the doctor was talking about Nathan Lubensky. Harry lets Peter and MJ rent the apartment above his at a discounted price. Spider-Man helps Paladin search for more info about the conspiracy. They fly with Silver Sable to a compound owned by the man of interest and it’s a self contained underground mall for rich survivalists. Spidey and Paladin fight some super goons and Sable gets info from the man of interest. There’s an assassination plot against the king of her country of Symkaria. She offers Spider-Man $1,000 a day to go with her to Symkaria and help. He accepts.

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