Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Web of Spider-Man #42 (1988)

“Cult of Love, Part 3: Pressure”

Rating: 3/5

Writer: Peter David
Artist: Alex Saviuk

Peter doesn’t know whether or not he’s convinced that what he saw was real. He’s not even sure he should take Betty out of this place, because she seems to happy and at peace. The leader tells him he knows he’s Spider-Man (or at least came in dressed as Spider-Man earlier) and then tells him to leave and think about joining. MJ has cold feet about doing the lingerie shoot, but after a brush off from Peter on the phone, decides wholeheartedly to do it. Flash gets help from the reverend to go capture Betty. Flash and a team of SWAT-looking guys break into the compound and kidnap Betty. Flash calls Peter, who shows up to find Flash and the reverend with Betty tied to a chair.

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