Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

The Amazing Spider-Man #230 (1982)

“To Fight the Unbeatable Foe!”

Rating: 5/5

Writer: Roger Stern
Artist: John Romita Jr.

Spider-Man goes after Juggernaut for vengeance after he nearly killed Madame Web. Juggernaut nears the pier where his boat’s waiting. Spider-Man takes a tanker truck and drives it directly into Juggernaut (but jumping out before impact) and it explodes fantastically. Juggernaut walks out of the wreckage on fire, Terminator style. Spider-Man leaps onto his back and covers Juggernaut’s eyes. Juggernaut gives him the pounding of a lifetime until he discovers that he’s stepped in wet cement on a construction site. Spider-Man watches him sink all the way to the bottom. Peter visits Madame Web in the hospital, but she’s had some memory loss due to brain damage and doesn’t recognize him.

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