Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #011 (1977)

“A Life Too Far”

Rating: 3/5

Writer: Chris Claremont
Artist: Jim Mooney

Some guy saves Peter and MJ from getting hit by a truck, but himself is hurt. There are glass shards in his abdomen and exposed to some kind of neurotoxin. They need some serum from a medical facility downtown. Peter changes to Spider-Man to go look after the truck that’s delivering it. Medusa stole the serum from the truck and fights Spider-Man for a while. Apparently she needed the serum for one of her inhuman friends who was trying to diffuse a world ending bomb. Not all of the serum was required, so Black Bolt flies the remainder to the hospital and they give to the guy just in the nick of time, saving his life.

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