Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

1977 (ASM 164-175, PPTSS 2-13)

Grade: D+ (68%), there were some good issues, but mostly wasn’t too special.

ASM 164. “Deadline!” (January)
PPTSS 002. “Kraven is the Hunter!” (January)
PPTSS 003. “…And There Was Lightmaster!” (February)
ASM 165. “Stegron Stalks the City!” (February)
ASM 166. “War of the Reptile-Men!” (March)
PPTSS 004. “The Vulture is a Bird of Prey!” (March)
PPTSS 005. “Spider-Kill!” (April)
ASM 167. “…Stalked by the Spider-Slayer!” (April)
ASM 168. “Murder on the Wind!” (May)
ASM 169. “Confrontation” (June)
ASM 170. “Madness is All in the Wind!” (July)
PPTSS 006. “The Power to Purge!” (May)
PPTSS 007. “Cry Mayhem–Cry Morbius!” (June)
PPTSS 008. “…And Only One Shall Survive!” (July)
ASM 171. “Photon is Another Name For…” (August)
PPTSS 009. “…Like a Tiger in the Night!” (August)
PPTSS 010. “Tiger in a Web!” (September)
ASM 172. “The Fiend From the Fire!” (September)
ASM 173. “If You Can’t Stand the Heat…!” (October)
PPTSS 011. “A Life Too Far” (October)
ASM 174. “The Hitman’s Back in Town!” (November)
ASM 175. “Big Apple Battleground!” (December)
PPTSS 012. “Brother Power, Sister Sun!” (November)
PPTSS 013. “The Coming of Razorback!” (December)
ASM Annual 11. “Spawn of the Spider” (August)



– Eric Toribio, Reviewer of Spider-Man Comics

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