Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

1991 (ASM 343-356, SSM 172-183, WoS 72-83, SM 6-17)

Grade: B (83%), very solid year. Lots of quality.

SSM 172. “Savage Showdown!” (January)
WoS 072. “The Reckoning” (January)
ASM 343. “War Garden” (January)
ASM 344. “Hearts and Powers” (February)
ASM 345. “Gun From the Heart” (March)
ASM 346. “Elliptical Pursuit!” (April)
ASM 347. “The Boneyard Hop!” (May)
SM 06. “Masques: Part 1” (January)
SM 07. “Masques: Part 2” (February)
WoS 073. “Art Attack, Part 1: Head Quest” (February)
WoS 074. “Art Attack, Part 2: Art and Soul” (March)
WoS 075. “Art Attack, Part 3: Cold Hands Warm Art” (April)
WoS 076. “Art Attack, Part 4: Art’s Desire!” (May)
SSM 173. “Creatures Stirring” (February)
SSM 174. “Dedication (or, “Jonah Goes to Pieces”)” (March)
SSM 175. “Spouse Trap” (April)
SSM 176. “The Love of Power” (May)
SSM 177. “Fever Pitch” (June)
ASM 348. “Righteous Sand!” (June)
ASM 349. “Man of Steal!” (July)
ASM 350. “Doom Service!” (August)
ASM Annual 25. “The Vibranium Vendetta, Part 1: The Spider and the Ghost” & “The Origin of the Amazing Spider-Man” & “Outlaw Justice Part One” & “Truckstop of Doom” & “Second Chance” (September)
SSM Annual 11. “The Vibranium Vendetta, Part 2: The Ghost and the Machine” & “Outlaw Justice Part Two” & “One Track Mind” & “With Babysitting Comes Great Responsibility” (September)
WoS Annual 07. “The Vibranium Vendetta, Part 3: The Machine and the Man” & “Outlaw Justice Part Three” & “Speed Demon’s Revenge” & “The Origin of Venom” & “The Origin of the Green Goblin” & “The Origin of the Hobgoblin” & “Outlaw Justice Part Three” (September)
ASM 351. “The Three Faces of Evil!” (September)
ASM 352. “Death Walk!” (October)
SM 08. “Perceptions: Part 1” (March)
SM 09. “Perceptions: Part 2” (April)
SM 10. “Perceptions: Part 3” (May)
SM 11. “Perceptions: Part 4” (June)
SM 12. “Perceptions: Part 5” (July)
WoS 077. “Home is Where the Terror Is!” (June)
WoS 078. “Toast of the Town…” (July)
WoS 079. “First Blood” (August)
WoS 080. “This Blood is My Blood” (September)
SM 13. “Sub-City: Part 1” (August)
SM 14. “Sub-City: Part 2” (September)
SM 15. “The Mutant Factor” (October)
SM 16. “Sabotage: Part 1” (November)
SM 17. “No One Gets Outta Here Alive!” (December)
SSM 178. “The Child Within, Part One: Up From the Depths” (July)
SSM 179. “The Child Within, Part Two: Wounds” (August)
SSM 180. “The Child Within, Part III: Shame” (September)
SSM 181. “The Child Within, Part Four: Guilt” (October)
SSM 182. “The Child Within, Part Five: Reckonings” (November)
SSM 183. “The Child Within, Part Six: Into the Dawn” (December)
WoS 081. “Living in Fear” (October)
WoS 082. “Pumping Up!” (November)
WoS 083. “Entrepeneurs” (December)
ASM 353. “Round Robin: The Sidekick’s Revenge! Part One: When Midnight Strikes!” (Early November)
ASM 354. “Round Robin: The Sidekick’s Revenge! Part Two: Wilde at Heart!” (Late November)
ASM 355. “Round Robin: The Sidekick’s Revenge! Part Three: Total Eclipse of the Moon…Knight!” (Early December)
ASM 356. “Round Robin: The Sidekick’s Revenge! Part Four: After Midnight!” (Late December)



– Eric Toribio, Reviewer of Spider-Man Comics

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