Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

1990 (ASM 328-342, SSM 160-171, WoS 60-71, SM 1-5)

Grade: B (80%), very solid year. Lots of quality.

WoS 060. “Acts of Vengeance: The Harder They Fall” (January)
ASM 328. “Acts of Vengeance: Shaw’s Gambit” (January)
SSM 160. “Acts of Vengeance: The Fear and the Fury (or the Metal in Men’s Souls)” (January)
WoS 061. “Acts of Vengeance: Dragon in the Dark” (February)
ASM 329. “Acts of Vengeance: Power Prey” (February)
ASM 330. “The Powder Chase” (March)
ASM 331. “The Death Standard” (April)
ASM 332. “Sunday in the Park with Venom!” (May)
ASM 333. “Stalking Feat!” (June)
WoS 062. “All That Glitters…” (March)
WoS 063. “Clouds From a Distant Storm” (April)
SSM 161. “Pardoned!” (February)
SSM 162. “The Demon and the Dead Man” (March)
SSM 163. “The Carrion Cure” (April)
WoS 064. “Once More, With Feeling” (May)
WoS 065. “The Last Act of Vengeance” (June)
WoS 066. “Friends and Enemies” (July)
WoS 067. “With Friends Like These!” (August)
WoS 068. “Tombstone Territory” (September)
SSM 164. “Bugged” (May)
ASM 334. “Return of the Sinister Six, Part One: Secrets, Puzzles and Little Fears…” (Early July)
ASM 335. “Return of the Sinister Six, Part Two: Shocks” (Late July)
ASM 336. “Return of the Sinister Six, Part Three: The Wagers of Sin” (Early August)
ASM 337. “Return of the Sinister Six, Part Four: Rites and Wrongs” (Late August)
ASM 338. “Return of the Sinister Six, Part Five: Death From Above” (Early September)
ASM 339. “Return of the Sinister Six, Part Six: The Killing Cure” (Late September)
SSM 165. “Knight and Fogg” (June)
SSM 166. “The Deadly Lads From Liverpool” (July)
SSM 167. “A Misty Kind of Memory” (August)
SSM 168. “Sleeping Dog” (September)
SSM 169. “The Outlaw Trail” (October)
SSM 170. “The Final Calculation” (November)
WoS 069. “The Subtle Shade of Green” (October)
WoS 070. “A Hulk by Any Other Name…” (November)
SM 01. “Torment: Part 1” (August)
SM 02. “Torment: Part 2” (September)
SM 03. “Torment: Part 3” (October)
SM 04. “Torment: Part 4” (November)
SM 05. “Torment: Part 5” (December)
ASM Annual 24. “Quark Enterprises, or Honey, I Shrunk the Non-Mutant Super Hero” & “The Mercy Bomb” & “A Time to Choose” & “Peter and MJ’s New Pad” & “Amazing Fantasy” (August)
SSM Annual 10. “Into the Microverse” & “Pale Reflection” & “The Choice” & “What I Did On My Summer Vacation” (August)
WoS Annual 06. “Up From Slavery” & “Salesday for a Shootout” & “Eleven Angry Men…And One Angry Woman” & “Star Child” (August)
SSM 171. “Ordeal” (December)
WoS 071. “Fortune’s Fury” (December)
ASM 340. “The Hero Subtractor” (October)
ASM 341. “With(out) Great Power…” (November)
ASM 342. “The Jonah Trade!” (December)



– Eric Toribio, Reviewer of Spider-Man Comics

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