Making sense of this Spider-Man world.

Making sense of this Spider-Man world.


Amazing Fantasy #15

001. “Spider-Man!” & “Spider-Man vs. The Chameleon!” (March)
002. “Duel to the Death with the Vulture!” & “The Uncanny Threat of the Terrible Tinkerer!” (May)
003. “Spider-Man Versus Doctor Octopus!” (July)
004. “Nothing Can Stop…The Sandman!” (September)
005. “Marked For Destruction by Doctor Doom!” (October)
006. “Face to Face with The Lizard!” (November)
007. “The Return of the Vulture” (December)

008. “The Terrible Threat of the Living Brain!” & “Spider-Man Tackles the Torch!” (January)
009. “The Man Called Electro!” (February)
010. “The Enforcers!” (March)
011. “Turning Point” (April)
012. “Unmasked by Doctor Octopus!” (May)
013. “The Menace of Mysterio!” (June)
014. “The Grotesque Adventure of the Green Goblin!” (July)
015. “Kraven the Hunter!” (August)
016. “Duel with Daredevil” (September)
017. “The Return of the Green Goblin” (October)
018. “The End of Spider-Man!” (November)
019. “Spidey Strikes Back!” (December)
Annual 01. “The Sinister Six!”

020. “The Coming of the Scorpion!” (January)
021. “Where Flies the Beetle…!” (February)
022. “The Clown and His Masters of Menace!” (March)
023. “The Goblin and the Gangsters” (April)
024. “Spider-Man Goes Mad” (May)
025. “Captured by J. Jonah Jameson” (June)
026. “The Man in the Crime Master’s Mask” (July)
027. “Bring Back My Goblin To Me!” (August)
028. “The Menace of the Molten Man!” (September)
029. “Never Step on a Scorpion!” (October)
030. “The Claws of the Cat!” (November)
031. “If This Be My Destiny…!” (December)
Annual 02. “The Wondrous World of Doctor Strange!”

032. “Man on a Rampage!” (January)
033. “The Final Chapter!” (February)
034. “The Thrill of the Hunt!” (March)
035. “The Molten Man Regrets…!” (April)
036. “When Falls the Meteor!” (May)
037. “Once Upon a Time There Was a Robot…!” (June)
038. “Just a Guy Named Joe!” (July)
039. “How Green Was My Goblin!” (August)
040. “Spidey Saves the Day!” (September)
041. “The Horns of the Rhino!” (October)
042. “The Birth of a Superhero!” (November)
043. “Rhino on a Rampage!” (December)
Annual 03. “…To Become an Avenger!” (November)

044. “Where Crawls the Lizard!” (January)
045. “Spidey Smashes Out!” (February)
046. “The Sinister Shocker!” (March)
047. “In the Hands of the Hunter!” (April)
048. “The Wings of the Vulture!” (May)
049. “From the Depths of Defeat!” (June)
050. “Spider-Man No More!” (July)
051. “In the Clutches of…The Kingpin!” (August)
052. “To Die a Hero!” (September)
053. “Enter: Dr. Octopus!” (October)
054. “The Tentacles and the Trap!” (November)
055. “Doc Ock Wins!” (December)
Annual 04. “The Web and the Flame!” (November)

056. “Disaster!” (January)
057. “The Coming of Ka-Zar!” (February)
058. “To Kill a Spider-Man!” (March)
059. “The Brand of the Brainwasher!” (April)
060. “O, Bitter Victory!” (May)
061. “What a Tangled Web We Weave–!” (June)
062. “Make Way For–Medusa!” (July)
063. “Wings in the Night!” (August)
064. “The Vulture’s Prey” (September)
065. “The Impossible Escape!” (October)
066. “The Madness of Mysterio!” (November)
067. “To Squash a Spider!” (December)
Annual 05. “The Parents of Peter Parker!” (November)

068. “Crisis on Campus!” (January)
069. “Mission: Crush the Kingpin!” (February)
070. “Spider-Man Wanted!” (March)
071. “The Speedster and the Spider!” (April)
072. “Rocked by the Shocker” (May)
073. “The Web Closes!” (June)
074. “If This Be Bedlam!” (July)
075. “Death Without Warning!” (August)
076. “The Lizard Lives!” (September)
077. “In the Blaze of Battle!” (October)
078. “The Night of the Prowler!” (November)
079. “To Prowl No More!” (December)
Annual 06. “The Sinister Six!” (November)

080. “On the Trail of…the Chameleon!” (January)
081. “The Coming of the Kangaroo!” (February)
082. “And Then Came Electro!” (March)
083. “The Schemer!” (April)
084. “The Kingpin Strikes Back!” (May)
085. “The Secret of the Schemer!” (June)
086. “If This Be Bedlam!” (July)
087. “Unmasked at Last!” (August)
088. “The Arms of Doctor Octopus!” (September)
089. “Doc Ock Lives!” (October)
090. “And Death Shall Come!” (November)
091. “To Smash a Spider” (December)
Annual 07. “Spidey vs. The Chameleon!” & “Duel to the Death with the Vulture!” & “Just a Guy Named Joe!” (December)

092. “When Iceman Attacks” (January)
093. “The Lady and — The Prowler!” (February)
094. “On the Wings of Death” (March)
095. “Trap for a Terrorist” (April)
096. “–And Now the Goblin!” (May)
097. “In the Grip of the Goblin!” (June)
098. “The Goblin’s Last Gasp!” (July)
099. “A Day in the Life of –!” (August)
100. “The Spider or the Man?” (September)
101. “A Monster Called…Morbius!!” (October)
102. “Vampire at Large!” (November)
103. “Walk the Savage Land!” (December)
Annual 08. “The Sinister Shocker!” (December)

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