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Making sense of this Spider-Man world.


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The Amazing Spider-Man #368 (1992)

“Invasion of the Spider-Slayers, Part One: On Razored Wings” & “Cashing In”

Rating: 4/5

“Invasion of the Spider-Slayers, Part One: On Razored Wings”

Writer: David Michelinie
Artist: Mark Bagley

Spider-Man gets attacked by several advanced robots. They were apparently sent by some guy in a fancy, futuristic wheelchair. Also there’s an FBI agent watching his Aunt May’s house. Presumably because of his parents.

“Cashing In”

Writer: J.M. DeMatteis
Artist: Aaron Lopresti

Jameson tries to manipulate Peter into letting him run an exclusive story about his parents. Peter lashes out at him and says he has no decency. He nearly punches him until Joe Robertson steps in. After they leave his office, Jameson calls up his vulture of a reporter and tells her Parker said no so they’ll just have to work around him.”

Spider-Man #29 (1992)

“Return to the Mad Dog Ward, Part One: Hope and Other Liars”

Rating: 4/5

Writer: Ann Nocenti
Artist: Chris Marrinan

Dr. Hope from the Mad Dog Ward is still doing experiments on people to make them into mindless assassins. Spider-Man runs into some of them robbing an armored car. He’s also feeling stressed about all the lying he has to do to protect his identity.

Web of Spider-Man #95 (1992)

“Spirits of Venom Part: Storm Shadows”

Rating: 5/5

Writer: Howard Mackie
Artist: Alex Saviuk

While carrying Hobgoblin to the police station, Spider-Man runs into Demogoblin and the Doppelganger. After a bit of a fight, Spidey and Hobgoblin land in a church. Johnny Blaze and Ghost Rider are walking sewer tunnels looking for Troll and Hag, so they don’t bring Deathwatch back to life. They run into Venom, who was following them and also wants to kill Troll and Hag. They meet up with said foes and fight a bunch of Deathspawn. Johnny Blaze blasts a hole in the ceiling and they go up to find Spider-Man, Hobgoblin, Demogoblin, and the Doppelganger in the basement of a church. They all fight the Deathspawn for a while and then the fight leads back down into the sewers. Continued in Spirits of Vengeance #5.

Web of Spider-Man #94 (1992)

“Hobgoblin Reborn Part Two: Target Two”

Rating: 4/5

Writer: Howard Mackie
Artist: Alex Saviuk

Hobgoblin finds Katzenberg at one of his apartments and Spider-Man and Moon Knight catch up with him there. One of Hobgoblin’s pumpkin bombs sets the building on fire and they fight it out in there. Eventually they get out, but Katzenberg is in bad shape. Spider-Man plans to deliver Hobgoblin to the police. The truck that’s transporting Demogoblin to the Vault stop at the sight of two people eating another person. It’s Troll and Hag, who proceed to eat the men driving the truck. Demogoblin is freed and teams up with Spidey’s Doppelganger. Venom was also in the truck and is now free and is angered that someone killed the innocent men driving the truck.

Web of Spider-Man #93 (1992)

“Hobgoblin Reborn Part One: The Test”

Rating: 4/5

Writer: Howard Mackie
Artist: Alex Saviuk

Macendale (out of his Hobgoblin garb) tests his combat abilities on some of Foreigner’s men to prove that he still has what it takes. Foreigner says he owes him a great deal of money and says the debt is paid if he kills Moon Knight and Nick Katzenberg. Foreigner then tells Spider-Man about this to test Hobgoblin’s mettle. Spider-Man interrupts Hobgoblin’s attack on Moon Knight and once Hobgoblin thinks he’s killed MK, he flies off for Katzenberg. Spidey and MK go after him. Demogoblin sits in a high tech jail cell and calls forth Spidey’s Doppelganger.

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